Gwyn Arch

A Celebration

The Foundation As a composer, an arranger, a conductor and as an enthusiast who inspired young people to love singing together, Gwyn Arch leaves a legacy which is clear for all to see.
We want this legacy to continue. And to ensure that it does we are setting up the Gwyn Arch Foundation. Its purpose is simple - it is to support the development and performance of choral music by and for young people within the Thames Valley.
We will invite schools, community groups, choirs and music centres to tell us what they need to help them progress. It might be a workshop or masterclass with an experienced choir leader, it might be the cost of hiring a venue, it might be help to buy a set of music scores, it might be funds to commission a new work, it might be help with transport to get to a festival or competition, it might be help to pay for a percussionist to turn an ordinary performance into something special. Just let us know what you need.
The Foundation is on the way to becoming a registered charity, with a bank account, so that donations can be gift aided. There are six trustees.
How can you help? Please sign up to our mailing list or send us an email and we will get back to you with the latest progress on the Foundation, including how you can help, by giving money to the Foundation and by spreading the word to young people’s groups whom we would love to help. We will keep you in touch with what we are doing and how your funds are being used. Do it now, do it tonight or do it tomorrow, before you forget, and help us keep Gwyn’s legacy alive and well.

More details can be found HERE